tracking your personal goals

Tracking Your Personal Goals


Most people set goals and in a couple of days forget about it or are not excited about it anymore. So how can you keep yourself accountable and really be excited the whole time? What really was your intention and how it made you feel when you originally set out this goal. I tell my students and clients to keep track of their steps and be accountable in reaching their goals. What do I mean, basically take out a piece of paper and write your goals. Also, write why you want to reach that particular goal. Be honest with yourself and you don’t need to show anybody if you don’t want to. Then take out a second paper to make a hand-drawn chart.  On the left side write days of the week and on top write the steps in individual boxes with specific things you need to do. For example, if you want to learn a new skill, your top boxes can be like read 1 chapter about art, watch  30 min video of art lessons, draw for 1 hour and practice during lunchtime new skills learned. At the end of each day, you check off if you did the steps and if necessary even write how long next to the check mark. Make the chart as you wish and it should speak to you personally. Like I mentioned before this is the way I do it. Once you do this for some time, you go back to the chart and see how you doing thus far. And when you feel down and unmotivated look at the goal letter you wrote. Pick yourself up and start going forward doing what you need for the goal.



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